About Brock

My name is Brock van Leeuwen.

I live in Mt Maunganui - Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. I am practical, hands on and well suited for the ConTacT C.A.R.E role. My self-driven motivation comes from my desire to make things simpler and offer a useful, practical service that works. 


I have had experience on farms, growing up in the country offered me my practical 'get the job done' attitude while having the sensitivity of knowing what was needed for the animals and the land.

Riding horses gave me the skill of operating of a 'feel'. I have traveled across New Zealand and to the Australian Northern Territory breaking in horses. This has allowed me to observe the horse's self-preservation instincts  while under pressure. I am also a dedicated martial artist, this allows me to understand how the body operates and reacts under threat. 

I came across ConTact C.A.R.E after a horse riding injury. After substantial improvements with the first treatment, my interests started to gravitate towards ConTact C.A.R.E. I am now an experiened certified practitioner with a passion to further my knowledge and understanding of the body and how it functions.


Our understanding of the function of the body and the way we relate to the environment is  growing, and i am glad to be apart of that.

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