What is a Flinchlock®?

A Flinchlock is caused when you absorb an impact by surprise. An example being – you bend down to get your cooking pot out of the bottom kitchen cupboard, you then stand up to a sudden ‘bang’! you hit you head on the open cupboard door directly above you.

In this surprise moment,  the Flinch reaction after the impact causes the body to lock the pressure and fright inside the bone – hence the word ‘Flinchlock. ’The body locks the pressure inside the bone instead of locks it out of the bone! This is what we call a Flinchlock. The Flinchlock is  a super sensitive area containing the actual pressure of the impact and the memory of the shock.

How long are the treatments and how much does it cost?

Allow an hour for each treatment


  • Treatment prices are $100 per session, children 14 years and under may vary depending on the length of the session

  • Horse treatments are $100. Plus travel expenses.

  • Horse and rider treatment combination $120. Plus travel expenses

What to expect after the treatment?


Each treatment is different, as is each person. Often there is an ease of pain and a felt sense of comfort during the treatment as the pressure and shock leaves the body. It is common people will talk of feeling lighter and clearer. In some cases after the first treatment symptoms can completely disappear. The next 2-3 days the client may feel some aches and pains as the body readjusts to its new position and shape. The client may also be given homework on how to optimize the effects of the treatment.

How does the Therapy work?


The therapy is hands on, i locate and release Flinchlocks using what we call the formula, a gentle pressure and a specific angle of stimulation to create the release. this method is completly pain free.

What do I wear?


Consultations are carried out fully clothed. We ask you to wear comfortable move-able clothing (what ever you feel comfortable in) as you may be asked to move around in different positions.

How many treatments do I need?


This depends on the individual and there severity of the injury or trauma. Often one treatment creates major change but sometimes 3-4 treatments are necessary to produce results that last.

Does it hurt?


No It does not hurt. There is no forcing or manipulation during the treatment, only support and gentle pressure were it is necessary. Treatments are non-intrusive ,the technique is safe and effective.